We are proud of the fact that we are a local practice focused on the women of Cincinnati. While proximity and friendly faces make Mt. Auburn a great choice for compassionate, individually-focused women’s health care, our technology and expertise are unparalleled as well.

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)

In conjunction with a small camera and small incisions, our doctors are able to perform laparoscopic surgeries for a number of conditions. This kind of procedure can be used, when appropriate, to remove ovaries, tubes and tumors, excise endometriosis, perform hysterectomies and deal with fertility or pain issues.

The benefits of this type of surgery may include less pain after the procedure, faster recovery times and a shorter amount of time that a patient has to be under anesthesia. Many of our doctors are trained and experienced in providing laparoscopic surgery, including Dr. Wendel, Dr. Roberts, Dr. White, Dr. Fitzgerald, Dr. Wiebracht and Dr. Boyd.

Robotic Surgery

What began as a way for military doctors to operate remotely around the world is now becoming standard in the OBGYN field. Robotic surgery offers many of the same benefits of minimally invasive surgery including less pain, easier recovery and fewer complications, but this technology can be used to perform more difficult procedures. The ability for robotic instruments to turn at 90 degrees, almost like a finger joint, can limit the need for large incisions and the probability of a dangerous incision. This is especially helpful for large tumors.

Beyond the battlefield, this type of surgery was first widely accepted in urology, where prostate surgeries could last up to three hours and require significant recovery time. Our practice has found similar benefits, albeit with different procedures, since becoming an early adopter of the technology 10 years ago. Dr. Wendel, Dr. Roberts, Dr. Wiebracht and Dr. Boyd are all proficient in robotic surgery. Dr. Wendel and Dr. Roberts were some of the first OBGYNs in North America to be trained on operating the console that controls the surgical tools.

Which Surgical Approach is Right for Me?

Advances in surgical technology have made minimally invasive surgery the likely first choice for a variety of surgical procedures. Whether the technique is laparoscopic or robotic, the benefits are clear compared to an abdominal procedure.

If you would like to know more about Mt. Auburn’s surgical procedures or have any questions about women’s health, our doctors are available to help. Make a call or fill out an appointment request form.