Planning out your year can be a lot of fun. You’re starting to figure out which trips you’ll be taking. Maybe you have a year full of weddings. Maybe there’s a Caribbean cruise you want to take. The possibilities are endless!

This is also the time of year that you need to think about finding time for medical appointments. For women, this means a yearly check-up, and for some, the start of pregnancy care. Your OBGYN can provide you with assistance in so many areas, including sexual and reproductive health, birth control, cancer screening and conditions that may require gynecological surgery. If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy in 2019, you will want to have a trusted obstetrician to guide you along your journey.

You can set up a time with one of our wonderful doctors at any of our three locations. Just use our online appointment request form or call the corresponding number to get your appointment scheduled:

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Mason Office

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We would be honored to provide you with our personally focused care while getting to know your needs. Mt. Auburn OBGYN has served Cincinnati for over eight decades, and we hope to serve you!