How Can I Tell if I am in False Labor?

False labor can occur about the time you would be expecting labor to begin. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between false labor and true labor without a doctor checking your cervix for changes.

One good way to tell the difference is to time the contractions. When a contraction begins your uterus will feel tense and your abdomen will be firm. You will not be able to indent it with your fingers. To time the frequency of the contractions, place your hand on your abdomen when your uterus begins to tighten and time through the softening until the uterus begins to tighten again. You should time the frequency and duration of the contractions for one hour.

The indications of true labor are as follows:?false-labor-300x200

  • Contractions will last about 30 to 70 seconds.
  • The contractions occur at regular intervals, getting longer, stronger, and closer together.
  • The contractions do not go away when you are up and moving around or change position.
  • The contractions are often felt in the back, coming around to the front.

The indications of false labor are as follows:

  • The contractions are irregular and do not consistently get closer together.
  • The contractions may stop when you walk around, or rest, or when you change position.
  • The contractions are often felt in the abdomen.