Giving Tuesday is coming up fast, and as many non-profits gear up to accept donations, we shouldn’t forget about our moms-to-be and pregnant people in need this year. So, we’ve rounded up seven great gifts for pregnant women that you can get and give for Giving Tuesday.

What is Giving Tuesday?
Giving Tuesday is a one-of-a-kind movement that was created in 2012 to foster radical generosity across the globe. It also refers to the sort of holiday that occurs the Tuesday after Thanksgiving each year.

So even though there’s one great big Giving Tuesday (which happens to be on November 30th this year), you’re still encouraged to give gifts on any and every Tuesday when you are willing and able.

Giving Tuesday is all about gifting to your community and causes. There are some specific communities like Give65, which gives to less fortunate aging adults, or LatinxGive, which focuses on the Latino community. And although there isn’t a dedicated community for pregnant women in need yet, you can and should consider gifting to moms-to-be this Giving Tuesday!

If you’re still curious about what Giving Tuesday is all about, you can learn more here.

What makes great gifts for pregnant women?
It’s no secret that having kids is extremely expensive with two capital Es. And being pregnant is no different. Pregnant women are living a life for two. Meeting their basic needs during this time can be difficult, especially if they lack financial, emotional, or physical support systems.

So, when you think about what would make a great gift for a pregnant woman, consider if her basic needs are met.

Does she need:

  • • basic nutrition such as access to healthy food, clean water, or nutritional supplements
  • • health care or medical resources
  • • a stable and supportive environment
  • • comfortable and functional clothing
  • • essential baby supplies

At the end of the day, great gifts for pregnant women are gifts that they need and that make their lives a little bit easier.

So, without further ado, here are seven gifts for pregnant women that are perfect for Giving Tuesday.

                1. Diapers. This one speaks for itself. Where there are babies, there are diapers (and messes, too). Go the extra mile and bundle various diaper sizes with necessities like baby wipes, powder, and diaper rash ointment (Sudocrem is my favorite).
                2. A hospital bag. Going to the hospital isn’t usually fun, even when you’re about to bring new life into the world. Every mom-to-be needs a hospital bag if she wants to feel some level of comfort in the hospital. So, why not get a nice bag and fill it with goodies that she’ll need, like travel-sized toiletries and special snacks? You can also pack:
                  • • hair ties or clips
                  • • a toothbrush and toothpaste
                  • • lotion or deodorant
                  • • comfortable clothes and socks
                  • • books, magazines, or crossword puzzles
                3. Vitamins, minerals, and medication. Generally, popping pills is frowned upon if you’re pregnant. But if you consider the nutritional supplements and over-the-counter pain medications that can help women endure pregnancy, pills are more common during pregnancy than you think. For Giving Tuesday, you can’t go wrong with a good multivitamin formulated for pregnant women. You may also want to consider gifting some acetaminophen, a commonly approved pain reliever for pregnant women.
                4. Pads and panty liners. The baby isn’t the only one who’s going to need a diaper. As a pregnant woman’s belly grows, her bladder control lessens. Even though it may be embarrassing, it’s extremely normal and common. So, gifting feminine hygiene products like pads and panty liners is a great idea for before and after the baby is born.
                5. Something for sleep. Pregnant women often struggle to get a good night’s sleep—and even after the pregnancy is over, sleep is a rare commodity. So, consider giving pregnant women tools to help them sleep better, like:
                  • • a white noise machine
                  • • a subscription to a bedtime story or meditation app
                  • • blue light glasses for evening screen time
                  • • cozy blankets, robes, or sleepwear
                6. Tools for an at-home spa. Although pregnancy is often seen as a beautiful thing, it definitely has its downsides. Pregnancy can make you feel exhausted, dirty, and defeated. Luckily, a luxurious spa is a great remedy for these feelings. Give the gift of an at-home spa with items like:
                  • • bubble bath or bath salts
                  • • new soaps, shampoos, and conditioners
                  • • hair care products
                  • • body scrubbers, wash clothes, or fresh towels
                7. Cozy (and stylish) maternity clothes. Obviously, pregnancy changes the body drastically. Not fitting into favorite clothes can be a real bummer, so comfortable and cute maternity clothes can make a big difference. Gift maternity clothes that can grow with mom as her body and the baby get bigger. The best maternity clothes are those that she’ll want to keep wearing even after the baby is born!

Gifts for pregnant women on Giving Tuesday
This list is a great guide for gifts that pregnant women will love. If you still have doubts, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to a baby store, clothing store, or even a grocery store. Remember, Giving Tuesday is less about finding the perfect gift and more about the spirit of giving.