Being pregnant in the fall is a true blessing.

Summer pregnancies are especially difficult if you live in an area with intense heat—and the same goes for the cold for winter pregnancies. No one loves summer dehydration or icy slips and falls, but when you’re growing a baby in your belly, these minor seasonal inconveniences can become health disasters.

Of course, there are different pros and cons to being pregnant in every season, but fall is, hands down, one of the greatest times to be pregnant, and here are 10 reasons why.

1. Cool and tolerable temperatures.
When you’re pregnant, you tend to run hot. That’s because you produce more blood, and your blood vessels dilate in response. Since your blood flow is closer to your skin, you feel hot.

That’s why summer pregnancies can be especially unbearable for some people. The cool and mild temperatures of fall can help relieve some of the discomfort—or at least not make it worse.

2. Stretchy leggings and sweaters.
Ah, the joy of maternity fashion is stretchy, loose, and soft clothing. And fall is made for that since cozy sweaters and stretchy leggings abound.

In fall, it’s easier to shop for comfortable, fashionable, and weather-appropriate maternity clothes that you’ll actually love. Plus, you don’t have to try on any bathing suits or invest in oversized winter coats.

3. It’s the perfect season for staying in—and opting out.
Being pregnant is the best excuse to miss out, and it’s also the best time to stay in.

Even as the holiday chaos begins to crawl into your life, you could go lay down or stay home—and everyone would have to give you a free pass (because you’re pregnant).

Whether you’re pulling the pregnancy card for a Halloween party you’d rather not attend or a coffee date you’d like to reschedule, fall is the best time to stay in and cuddle up in your cozy maternity clothes with a good book and a hot drink.

4. Pregnancy privilege during the holidays.
Oh, and you can use that pregnancy card for more than just rainchecks. If you usually host holiday get-togethers like Thanksgiving dinner, no one will blame you for calling in a favor or two (or ten).

Whatever you need help with during the fall (and you will need some help), don’t be afraid to ask.

5. Longer nights allow for more sleep.
Every year, on the first Sunday of November, we are blessed with daylight savings time. Our clocks fall back from 2 am to 1 am, allowing you one extra hour of blissful sleep—and the natural urge to go to bed earlier.

And, after November, the days continue to grow shorter as the nights become longer. When you’re pregnant, you need all the sleep you can get. So, sleep in and feel good about it.

6. Gorgeous fall maternity portraits.
Outdoor maternity portraits are beautiful, and as the fall leaves change colors, you access even more lovely settings to memorialize your pregnancy.

Pumpkin patches, fruiting apple orchards, and burnt orange leaves are all only available for photoshoots in the fall.

7. Delicious and healthy fall foods.
When fall rolls around, most people get excited about pumpkin spice lattes. But fall isn’t just about lattes—fall also has fresh pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, apples, pears, cabbage, turnips, cranberries, onions, and so much more.

Fall produce allows you access to a variety of fresh vegetables and essential nutrients for you and your growing baby.

And if those veggies aren’t enough to make you want a fall pregnancy, remember that Thanksgiving dinner is right around the corner, too.

8. A pregnant belly is a great accessory for creative Halloween costumes.
Your pregnant belly will be the best accessory for costumes you’ve ever had. Just imagine it:

  • a halved avocado with a baby belly pit
  • a full-on gumball machine with cotton ball “gumballs” in your belly
  • a cute cow with a big ol’ udder

And there’s plenty more where that came from.

9. It’s easier to be sober during the fall.
I don’t need to tell you that being pregnant means no booze—but you might not realize what that actually feels like when your friends are drinking summer mimosas or all the adults are enjoying celebratory champagne at Christmas dinner.

In fall, you’re less likely to feel like you’re missing out since summer and winter are the more popular seasons for drinking alcohol.

But, if you’re unlucky enough to have gestational diabetes, staying sober from the Halloween candy is another story.

10. Fall is the best, period.
At the end of the day, fall is the best season of all. Between the weather, the food, and the holidays, there’s not much to not love about fall—and that’s why being pregnant in fall is the absolute best.

Final Thoughts: Fall Pregnancies are Great
Here’s a summary of the biggest benefits of being pregnant in the fall:
• you don’t have to try on bathing suits (yuck)
• fall maternity clothes are the best in general
• you get to sleep more, eat more, and stay at home more
• the weather is ideal for pregnancy
• you can create hilarious Halloween costumes and gorgeous maternity portraits