Over the last year, health care has been at the center of everyone’s world. More than ever before, healthcare professionals have had to re-develop standard protocols and practices in order to do their best to stay in front of the COVID19 virus. So what does this mean for the women’s medical health and women’s health overall? Finally, the CDC recently released a study confirming that the COVID19 Vaccine is safe for pregnant women. In fact, they encourage it.

There’s no doubt that you have several questions surrounding the matter. Whether you’re one of our existing patients, or just in search of a gynecologist in the Cincinnati area, we’re here to assist you. Here are some of our most recently asked questions.

1. What do you advise for pregnant women about COVID vaccines?
We would first like to state that all patients and pregnancies are different and should always be intimately discussed with your OBGYN based on your current medical state and your medical history. Overall, when advising women about the COVID19 Vaccine, the Physicians of Mt. Auburn support the COVID19 Vaccination in pregnancy as recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

2. How can I be assured that the vaccine is safe for me during pregnancy?
We understand this decision is a bit scary for women who are expecting. Whether this is your first, or you’re a pro at child birth, this is a new discovery for not only you, but in medical research as well. However, the CDC states, “The new finding came “off the heel of preliminary research.” This research ultimately found the vaccine was safe for pregnant women if taken within the first trimester.

3. Will my side-effects from the vaccine be worse than others because I’m pregnant?
Although the vaccine may effect each patient differently, Dr. Walensky, physician-scientist and Director of the Centers for Disease Control says, “Pregnant people experienced the same side effects as others following vaccination.”

4. Is there any benefit to getting the vaccine while pregnant?
The CDC confirmed within their study that some women who have chosen to get the vaccine have passed their antibodies on to their unborn baby. The antibodies show within the umbilical cord of the fetus. Studies of the antibodies from mother to newborn can be found here.

5. Does the COVID Vaccine affect fertility?
If you’re trying to get pregnant, we hope some of the information above has encouraged you. But what about getting the vaccine while planning your pregnancy? MD, MHS, Sara Whestone discusses the research and evidence behind the studies of infertility and the vaccination. At this time, there are is no evidence that gives worry of the vaccine having effects on fertility.

With the latest in research on vaccinations and pregnancy, the best thing to do is to be sure your decision has been made only after consulting your with your OBGYN. There are still several determining factors that should be taken into consideration including, your current state of health, the baby’s current state of health, and your medical history. With the approval of the CDC, you should still seek to learn all you can before making the decision.

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