You did it! You spent 9 long months developing a beautiful baby. You had your ups and downs, but you did it! Remember that you did something incredible. Growing a human being in your body can and does leave leftover remnants, like: stretch marks, extra weight, muscle pain/soreness and more. Nowadays, with social media, it can feel like a rat race to “get your body back.” 

Back in the day, Heidi Klum managed to lose her baby weight in just 8 weeks after having her baby. To this day, women around the world consider that such an amazing feat! 

Ever since this trend took off in the media, women, and moms feel the ever-present pressure to lose their baby weight to get to that post-baby bounce back body. It’s seen as an incredible accomplishment to lose the weight fast and can be the most significant topic post-pregnancy. However, is it really an accomplishment?

Accomplishment or Just Toxic? 

There’s no doubt that gaining back a healthy weight is truly an accomplishment and feels amazing, but the journey to get there is even more important. Accelerating the loss of your baby weight can be dangerous for your health. You have to remember that your body is going through major recovery (even after checking out of the hospital). 

  • You should be eating healthy, but not starving yourself. 
  • You should eventually start a healthy exercise routine, but when your body feels ready and your doctor approves it.

There’s also the fact that your mental health takes a hit too. It can lead to low self-esteem and negatively affect the relationships around you.  In fact, hearing compliments to other moms about their bounce-back bodies can hurt to hear as a mother. This is especially true for young women who will pick up on the idea of a bounce-back body as a norm or ideal they must live up to when they become moms. Let’s stop this harmful cycle!




Don’t let others, close relatives to even strangers, make you feel like you are not beautiful. You’re now a mother. You had a beautiful, healthy baby (or babies!). It’s going to take time for you to regain your strength and body to how you’d like it. That is a-okay! Here are some affirmations to help have a positive mindset:

  1. I am beautiful. This body made a baby. That is incredible!
  2. I’m raising incredible children. That already makes for a good day!
  3. I am perfect the way I am.
  4. I am a strong, confident mother.
  5. I may struggle some days, but I will forgive myself and keep moving forward.
  6. I’m not perfect, and that’s good. I’m doing my best every day. That is all I’m in control of, and that is okay!
  7. I am setting an example for myself, moms, and women around me. 

Additionally, you can take healthy steps for yourself by spending time with other women or moms who lift you up and have similar goals as you. Enjoy your time as a mom! These moments are precious. You shouldn’t waste time worrying about what others think. 

Lastly, please speak to your doctor about a postpartum plan that is healthy and paced right for you. If you are in need of an OB-GYN for this, give us a call or make an appointment at any of our three locations. We are here for you!