Dr. Cirasole has been with us for over 15 years, and we’re very sad to see her go!

Before coming to Mt. Auburn, Dr. Cirasole changed jobs quite a few times due to her husband
moving around for work, moving five times before coming to Cincinnati. She is originally from
Long Island and went to med school in New York. Dr. Cirasole completed her residency at
Washington University in St. Louis and has worked in Southern California, Sacramento and Ann
Arbor. Her next move is to Philadelphia, which will be within driving distance of her family.

Dr. Cirasole has lived in the Montgomery area for the past 15 years and raised her kids there.
She says what she will miss most about Cincinnati is Mt. Auburn, her colleagues, her patients,
her neighborhood and of course, Graeter’s! In her move to Philadelphia, Dr. Cirasole is most
excited to sample the city’s amazing Italian food.

To her patients, she said that it has really been a joy to be able to help grow their families, bring
their babies into the world and to take care of them throughout different stages in their lives. She
believes she had the best patients in her time at Mt. Auburn.

It has been a privilege having the wonderful Dr. Cirasole at Mt. Auburn, and we wish her the
best of luck in Philly!