Cindy Twehues is a registered nurse and the clinical manager for the practice. In addition to her professional titles, you may hear her being called the “baby whisperer.” She’s often called in to find a “hiding” baby when a patient is having a non-stress test.

What Does a Clinical Manager Do?

As clinical manager, Cindy is in charge of all the nurses and medical assistants. She jokes that she even has to keep the doctors in check at times.

For the nurses and medical assistants, she is responsible for scheduling time in and out of the office. Making sure the right staff is on duty each day to support the physicians and the team has everything they need to get their job done. On occasion, you may even see her running the physician.

When she started at Mt. Auburn ten years ago, Cindy was brought on to help implement the transition from paper medical records to electronic medical records. She helped the practice become more technology savvy and trained the staff to use the new programs. It was a tough task, but Cindy was able to handle it!

Serving Generations

Cindy says spending time with expecting mothers is one of her favorite parts of the job. Before joining the Mt. Auburn OBGYN in Cincinnati, she worked as a labor and delivery nurse at The Christ Hospital for ten years and prior to that 5years in Milledgeville, Georgia. That means she has known some of the doctors, like Dr. Wendel Dr. Fitzgerald, Dr Roberts and Dr. White, for almost twenty years!

Cindy misses labor and delivery at times, but likes interacting with the patients throughout their lives. She would be with some patients for around nine hours in L&D, she’s now able to connect with patients for nine months and beyond at the practice.

Nine months has turned into generations for some women.Cindy is proud to say that Mt. Auburn OBGYN really does serve generations of Cincinnati women, providing grandmothers, mothers and daughters a chance to experience the highest level of healthcare.

At Home

At home, Cindy enjoys being outside when she can. She lives on five acres of land in Northern Kentucky with her four children, Nathaniel and Elizabeth who are 21, Jonathan 19 and Rachael, 18. She has an old Yellow Lab named Chipper and a cat Midnight. She is currently fostering a 1yr old Kelpie/Australian Shepherd mix. When she’s not putting dinner on the table for the kids or the animals, you can find her catching a quick episode of “The Good Doctor,” or watching the Cincinnati Bengals. She is a huge fan of the hometown professional football team, and she roots for them through thick and thin, win or lose.

Next time you’re in the Mt. Auburn office, be sure to say “hi” to Cindy!