We truly appreciate all the patients, and families of patients, who have trusted our compassionate care for decades! You are at the center of all that we do, so we thank you for being so open and helpful in our recent survey. Now that the results are in, we’re excited to make the Mt. Auburn experience even better.

One of the amazing things we heard was that our doctors have really made a connection with patients by focusing on comfort and well-being. Many of you told us that they take the time to get to know those in their care, and that their priority is making your visit productive rather than rushing you out of the office. We also loved hearing about your journey with our practice, especially those who have had the same doctor throughout, as well as all the family members that we’ve delivered. We will keep a strong focus on these relationship-building areas, and we promise to work on the following concerns you expressed, too.


One of the most common troubles that patients had was with parking, especially at our Mt. Auburn location. A few responses, for example, were that the garage should have a warning that it’s full, that parking is difficult to find in general and that markings in the garage can make it difficult for navigation. We are happy to offer as detailed instructions as possible when you place an appointment or call for directions. Unfortunately, we don’t have much control over the garage, but we can pass your thoughts along to the hospital.

In reference to our Montgomery location, we heard that it would be useful to have clearer instructions to find the building due to difficulty in seeing the address from Montgomery Road. We will try to give more elaborate directions when scheduling appointments for this location going forward.

Electronic Correspondence

A few comments focused on our online sign in system, which is administered by our front desk employees via tablets known as PhreesiaPads. There was a request for a fill in the blank option for allergic reactions, and that is something we will look into including. Also, we had a small issue with names not being registered properly, but we are working on this as well.

For those who had concerns about the privacy policy in reference to the information patients enter on our PhreesiaPads, a helpful guide can be found at www.phreesia.com/patient-privacy/. We hope this helps clear up any worries you had about your information, as Phreesia is extremely protective of it.

Patient Experience

While we found some incredible reviews of our doctors and staff, we also received helpful reminders that we can always improve. Some of the patients who chose to fill out the survey let us know that they felt our nurses and front desk staff could have made for a warmer, more inviting visit.

We pride ourselves on personally focused care that tends to the whole person, including each patient’s emotional needs. We apologize for coming up short in terms of emotional support for a few of our amazing patients. Each person who comes into our offices is special to us, and it is our job to convey that. We will take the comments we received as an opportunity to remind our team of this.

Other than the suggestions laid out above, we were told that you might appreciate the ability to schedule multiple procedures in one visit. This is something we can consider, but ultimately it depends on what your doctor believes is best. We would advise that you consult with one of our physicians if you would prefer fewer visits.

At Mt. Auburn, we want to provide the highest quality of women’s health care, and your feedback will help us keep this commitment. You can learn more about our practice and what we strive to do every day at www.mtauburnobgyn.com/our-practice.