Melodie Thiel has been a registered for nurse for over fifty years! She’s enjoyed working at Mt. Auburn OBGYN since 1989.

Melody’s secret to her satisfying career at Mt. Auburn is her co-workers. She says they are her favorite part about work, above all else. “I wouldn’t have stayed this long, if they weren’t as good as they are,” she shared.

“They’re a great group of people, and we all take into consideration each other’s personal needs. We have excellent physicians and employees. They’re a very caring group of people,” said Melodie.

Throughout her time as a nurse at the practice, Melodie has been involved in many aspects of  the office. Her work has included helping patients over the phone with emergencies, delivering test results, interviewing first time pregnant patients, performing injection procedures and dressing changes, helping with prescriptions and supporting the doctors and patients.

Over the years, one of the key lessons she’s learned is patience, and that skill has been practiced with each of the hundreds of patients she has seen over the last 28 years.

Working with so many patients doesn’t leave her much free time, but, when she does have a few minutes, Melodie likes to read and travel. During her vacations, you’ll find her reading historical novels on the beaches of Siesta Key, one of her favorite places.

Melodie loves listening to the oldies and classical music, but says she can’t keep up with today’s pop music. That’s more of a hobby for her daughter, the music director of a surfing league.

Most of all, Melodie enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband, her four children and ten grandchildren.