Almost 40 years after starting at Mt. Auburn OBGYN, Ethelda Roderick considers the staff her family. She keeps our practice humming along as a surgery scheduler, with a strong commitment to serving our patients that has lasted through the decades. If you’ve scheduled a procedure with one of our doctors, you’ll remember Ethelda’s sweet, caring nature. Get to know the story behind the woman!

Ethelda is a Greater Cincinnati native. She grew up in Lockland and received two degrees from the University of Cincinnati. Though she spent the first twenty years of her career as a primary school teacher, and later moved to Columbia, MO for a short time for her husband’s job, her working life got a new start at Mt. Auburn in early 1980.

From her time at our practice, Ethelda says that she’s learned the importance of being in tune with customers. She emphasizes getting to know each patient, so you can provide individual service that addresses specific needs. She knows people can be apprehensive about surgery, so she is proactive about assuaging their concerns and welcoming their questions. The main piece of advice Ethelda has to offer is to show dedication to your coworkers and employer, as they will appreciate your extra effort.

Ethelda’s favorite part about working at Mt. Auburn is the tight-knit environment. She has worked alongside some doctors and administrative employees for over 20 years, and these bonds have created a sense of family among the staff and even among their children and grandchildren.

We can’t thank her enough for all her years of service and for making a difference in the lives of our patients. Ethelda is a great example of our mission.

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