At Mt. Auburn, we’ve taken pride in offering individualized women’s health care for several generations. With our longstanding tradition, we get to know our patients and get the privilege to play an active role in their lives and their wellbeing. Amy Palmisano has been a patient of ours for over 10 years. She first became a patient, because she actually worked alongside Mt. Auburn doctors at Christ Hospital! Here’s what she had to say about her unique experience with our practice.

How did you first hear about Mt. Auburn?

Amy: I work for Christ Hospital. When some of the Mt. Auburn doctors came over to do a surgery, I got to work with them and found out that they were physicians at an OBGYN. Having kids had been in the back of mind and I was starting to make a switch from seeing a gynecologist to seeing an obstetrician. It was kind of like a self-referral, because then I started going to Mt. Auburn!  

What is your favorite part about Mt. Auburn?

Amy: The staff is always friendly, and the doctors are always on time for appointments. When I was pregnant with my second child, I had some minor complications. I went in to get some blood work done and I was called about my results the very same day. That’s the kind of communication you want.

What has been your best experience at Mt. Auburn?

Amy: When I had my ultrasounds for both of my kids – finding out their genders was really special.

If you could give a special shout out to your doctor, what would you say?

Amy: Dr. Cirasole did my C-section. I was trying to have this baby, and all of the sudden, it just wasn’t happening. It was a relative emergency, and everything became rushed. But, Dr. Cirasole said that she had seen this before, and that everything was going to be fine. She did a wonderful job at keeping calm when I lost my calm. Of course, everything ended up great. Her reassurance was so helpful.

Have you recommended others to visit Mt. Auburn?

Amy: Yes. I tell friends, if you’re looking for a place with complete care before and after children, you need to go to Mt. Auburn.

Thanks, Amy, for sharing your story! We are very thankful to have you as one of our patients.