With the new year in full swing, odds are you made some goals concerning your diet and exercise habits and have maybe already fallen short. We get it: it’s easy to overlook your health, but why? This is the year to assert your health and exercise as priorities in your life. Here are some tips to help transform your habits into eating healthy and living a balanced lifestyle:

Make Realistic Goals

Set a plan and attainable overarching goals, but keep in mind that a drastic change won’t happen overnight. It will take time to kick bad habits while implementing new positive ones. It’s okay to begin your diet by continuing to eat some of your favorite foods along with a variety of conscientious healthy foods, in balance. As you advance in your diet, start waving off extra sugary foods and go to the gym one more day than you did last week.

Set Small Goals and Celebrate Accomplishments

This goes along with remaining realistic in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. It will take
small, yet substantial steps towards reaching your hopeful end result. Your overall goal might be to lose that extra 20 pounds from the baby weight, but try smaller goals with shorter timelines. 20 pounds may sounds like a lot, but dropping one or two dress sizes before Summer sounds more attainable! In the meantime, reward yourself as you go along. Being proud of your accomplishments motivates you to keep working hard.

Write Down Your Goals

Writing down your goals and placing them in an area where you will see them everyday keeps them constantly fresh in your mind. After all, living conscientiously should be a lifestyle change – not a temporary pursuit. Over time, you will eat healthy and exercise not because you have to or remembered to, but because that’s who you are.

Change Your Lifestyle

Don’t only change your eating or exercise habits – there are so many factors in
our lives that determine our health. Stay on track with gynecological appointments and schedule your breast exams. Get the right amount of sleep you need each night. Sleep allows our bodies to recover from stressful days, prepare us for the next, and keep us from getting sick. You’ll be in high spirits and motivated to tackle the day ahead.

Have Fun!

Transforming your diet and health habits should be a fun process, so make it enjoyable. Exercise the way you like to exercise. Do you like grinding at the gym or do you prefer spin classes with your girlfriends? If you enjoy what you are doing, you will be more likely to follow through with you plan and see the results.