Pre-register with hospital

We deliver at Christ Hospital located at 2139 Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45219, (513)585-2000.

Consider a birth plan

If you have a birth plan, please share it with your provider. If desired, there are several options to provide pain relief while you are in labor. We are supportive of whatever you choose.

Nubaine (Stadol) – this narcotic is given through injection or IV and helps take the edoff strong contractions. It can make you sleepy if given early in labor. We avoid giving this near delivery time.

Epidural – This safe and popular option is administered by an anesthetist and requires a fine, thin catheter or tube to be placed in your back during active labor. Medicine slowly drips through the tubing to provide pain relief throughout labor. It is removed after delivery.

Local – Many patients deliver without pain medication. Sometimes we need to give a small injection of numbing medication for stitches called lidocaine. It feels like a small pinprick.

Research cord blood banking

Your baby?s blood is a valuable source of cells that could be used by your baby or another family member to treat some life-threatening diseases. It can easily and safely be obtained immediately after delivery. Parents can choose to have their baby?s blood saved, however, the decision must be made before birth Insurance does not generally cover this. If interested you can order a kit and bring it with you to delivery. In some cases, cord blood can be donated. Ask your provider for information.

Attend educational courses?childbirth-classes

There are educational courses on labor and delivery, breastfeeding, infant DPR and baby care available. Consider these classes especially if you are a first time parent! Information about childbirth classes at Christ Hospital can be obtained by calling 513-585-HUGS.

Choose a doctor for your baby

You will need to decide on a doctor for your baby by the time you deliver. The hospital will send your baby?s information and test results to your chosen doctor. Your baby is commonly seen within 1 week after birth. You will need to contact the doctor if you have trouble locating one.

Obtain and install a car seat

You must have a car seat installed in your vehicle before taking baby home. By law, children must be in a federally approved, properly installed, crash-tested car seat for every trip in the care beginning with the trip home from the hospital.

Learn more about breastfeeding

Human milk is perfectly designed nutrition for babies. Babies who are breastfed get fewer infections and are hospitalized less. Mothers that breastfeed burn 500 calories a day which can help lose extra weight and reduce a woman?s risk of developing breast cancer. After delivery the nurses and a lactation specialist are there to help you learn the art of breastfeeding. If you have questions about breastfeeding, talk to your doctor or call a Lactation Consultant at The Christ Hospital at 513-585-0597.

Consider circumcision

A circumcision is a removal of excess foreskin form the penis of the baby boy. We can perform this optional procedure for you. It may help reduce infections and penis cancer. Please let your provider know if you would like to schedule. We respect your choice if you decide not to.